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Derimod Investor Relations

Investor Relations Department

The Investor Relations Department has been established to ensure shareholders are able to use their respective rights and to establish communications between the Company administration and shareholders.

The Investor Relations Department conducts the following duties within the scope of relations with shareholders:

a) To ensure solid, accountable and updated records are kept for shareholders.
b) To respond to written information requests of shareholders except for information about the company which have not been disclosed to the public and which are confidential and commercial secrets.
c) To ensure the general board meeting is held according to the applicable legislation, the main contract and other corporate regulations.
d) To ensure information and documentation is prepared to be used by shareholders at the general board meeting.
e) To ensure voting results are recorded and reports are submitted to shareholders.
f) To execute duties with regard to public disclosure including the legislation and the information policy of the company.


Investor Relations Director Tuncay KÖSEOĞLU
Investor Relations Specialist

Phone: (212) 703 30 07
Fax: (212) 558 71 79